three months my way

If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

 Three months. I would pack our bags and we'd get the heck out of Raleigh. Hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, sun bathing, oh and of course,  eating our way through cities are all to-dos on the list.

Destinations: Colorado, Washington, Patagonia and Sicily. 

First stop, USA.  Mike and I have been toying with the idea of moving to either Colorado or Seattle for a few years now (mom, don't worry).  This would be our chance to test it out, tour around and visit the amazing parks and eat our way through Seattle. I want to hike to new heights every day (ok at least three times a week). I'm a nature junky. I'll take a high peak over a cathedral any day. Give me scenery and I'm happy.
'Low Hanging Clouds - Beautiful!! Space Needle - Seattle, Washington.' I worked in the Washington Mutual Tower for nearly 5 yrs. (In the back on the right with the little square on top of the triangle bldg.)
The Rocky Mountain:Colorado I love being up on the mountains in Colorado. So beautiful and a lot of fun snowboarding down.
The Wonder of Yellowstone... Heading there in a couple weeks!
not in Colorado or Washington but we'll make a pit stop to Yellowstone, via
Next up, Patagonia. Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) has been on my list since I was 13. This is where we planned to honeymoon (September isn't a great time to go though). We'd hike, kayak and horseback ride our way through the Patagonia. Staying with farmers and ranchers periodically and camping out beneath the stars other nights. Our final stop would be to relax and pamper ourselves at Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa. Yes, please! 
Cayaking in Patagonia.... Or anywhere really.

El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina
Patagonia:also see here for more pictures. Looks like an amazing place to visit!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patagonia

Last on the list, Sicily. Mike's family lives here and we've been trying to plan a trip there for me to meet the whole crew and to study pizza craftsmanship from his relatives. There's a farm in the family that I daydream about daily. I see lots of wine, cheese and pizza in my near future.  Oh and those cobblestone streets and dashing shore lines. I literally ache with desire right now! 
Cefalu - Sicily


Not that we can take three months off life but we can take a few weeks. Which of these destinations to tackle first?


  1. sicily!!! and we can go with you :)

  2. All great places and no you can't move. ;)

  3. You should make it happen & hopefully money wont be an issue in the future! Finger crossed. :)

    ps: found you on Twitter through #Blogtember

  4. One step at a time. My parents traveled all over the US, saving up each year for the vacation the next year. Go to the ones you don't want to take children with first. :-)
    That's my 2 cents. Pay up.

    1. PS All those places look awesome.
      Seattle is a great place to eat your way through. I tried it.

  5. Anonymous5.9.13

    Last photo kills me. Wine and cheese with that view, and well, the best company. ;) Love!


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