if only cash grew on trees....

For Day 7 of Blogtember we're sharing links to favorite online shops. I'm not a great online shopper. Heck, I'm not a great shopper period. Most of the time I'm buying dirt. Not sure you guys want to see bags of dirt though. Now that I have time to shop, I'll get better. I promise!

Clyde Oak is a local gardenish shop that I looooove (shocker). The below is my birthday wish list, especially that little bag. AHH!

And my go-to store... World Market. I could probably own everything in that store.

World Market Shopping


  1. I love World Market too! I have that same glass vase (bottom row, center) on my mantel! :)

  2. Ooohh. I've never heard of Clyde Oak but I'm liking it! Guess I need to learn to garden!


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