cooking for the week in two hours

Woah! I'm still alive! I feel like I've said this a lot lately because it seems like every week this summer I've disappeared {in this case... a month}. But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. We've been out of town or had guests every single weekend this summer (except two or three) and have commitments every night of the week. I wouldn't trade it for the world but it means less bloggity blog/Internet time.

But I have a little tid bit for you today on cooking for the week. By that I mean cooking 50% of your meals on Sunday. Sound scary? Don't let it be!

You MUST have two things: a bottle of wine and some good music. Now, if you are married... I highly recommend getting your spouse involved too {even if they are a horrible cook/have never done it before/or its not their fav thing}. Those kinds of kitchen mates make the best choppers and cleaner-uppers. When you are cooking more than one meal at a time = SUPER helpful!

So fill your glass, turn up your favorite jams and get ready! Cooking for the week is much easier than you think. Here are a few tips to make it manageable.

1. Make things that require different cooking methods - if you are baking three dishes... you won't leave the house for 10 hours. Instead, throw in a casserole, cook a soup on the stove, and whip up a salad for the week. This way you can work on all three things at the same time.

2. Don't over do it. You can make amazing meals that consist of 4 steps or less. There is no need to take on a meal that has you changing temps every 5 minutes and using your toes to stir one pot while you are stirring four others. Keep it simple! I always find myself using www.wholeliving.com because they use fresh ingredients {that you can find at your famers market or local regular grocery store} and most of their recipes consist of 4 steps or less. Choose recipes that are simple but pack a lot of flavor.

3.  Prep for the week. If you know you will be having a stir fry later in the week, go ahead and chop up all the veggies so come that night all you have to do is quickly saute them. Love to snack on fruit or raw veggies? Cut them up too!

4. Beans and rice. These are two of the things I hate cooking during the week. Why? Because they take forever!! So while you are already in the kitchen cooking, throw the beans on a low boil and stick rice in a pot. They don't require much attention but take an hour to cook. Store them in the fridge and pull out when you need them. This also applies to things like barley, quinoa, etc. Cook it now. use it later.

5. Clean as you go. First off - reuse whatever you can. Quickly rinse a mixing bowl and use it for the next dish. Wipe off a knife. etc. Don't use a different dish/pot/knife for everything. The things you won't be reusing, throw in the dishwasher as you go. If the dishes pile up - you'll go crazy during and at the end feel like you have a whole separate mountain to climb -- cleaning up! Work on it while you go. Oh and always keep a rag close by to wipe up messes as they come.

6. Have fun! Cooking can be enjoyable if you choose to enjoy it. I don't really enjoy cooking during the week because I've either just gotten home from a long day or have about 20 minutes to put something together and eat before going on to the next thing. Taking a few hours out of my Sunday really lets me relax and just enjoy having some time to chop, create and enjoy cooking. A big benefit is that is also gives me time with Mike. We don't chat much because we are both in the zone but we def share a few butt grabs and lots of kisses! AND on a busy day, we're not spending time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

7. Don't let a couple failures keep you from trying. It may take you longer the first time or a few things may burn. Once you get the hang of working on a few meals at a time, you will be so glad you tried!

Alright - happy cooking! Remember.. choose SIMPLE recipes, drink wine and have fun! Who knows... maybe come fall, I'll have a few Sunday cooking plans for you guys. Recipes and all!

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