miles and miles

After a few days in San Fran we jumped on Highway 1 and headed down to Monterrey.  On our way south we stopped at spots with amazing views {those pics are all in my cloud, which I can't access right now} and took a short hike to check out where all the elephant seals hung out. I looooove animals. I seriously wanted to crawl over the fence and snuggle up with those blubber lovers. Not only were they cute but they could beat anyone in a burping contest. Their mating calls/yells/talking/who knows sounded like big ol juicy burps! They are my kind of friends. 

oh, and we saw a fox up close and personal!

After miles of driving and gorgeous sites, we made it to Monterrey. Our first on the to-to list was a 17-mile ride down the coast, which was SO worth it! It was gorgeous. 

this is called bird rock because it is literately covered in bird poo -- yes that white stuff is BIRD POOP! EW!
and, we made a friend. He walked up to us... and by up to us.. I mean like almost crawling up our legs. The squirrels there were so used to humans they walk right up to you to beg for treats. I caved... I gave him a piece of a Kashi granola bar.. at least it's natural, right?

our caboose on a caboose... I obviously don't listen well. 

Monterrey was so relaxing. It was chilly, sunny, quiet, you walked/biked everywhere, farmers markets every day in different parts of the city, gorgeous beaches. It was a place where time slowed down. A place where you savored a cup of hot chocolate as you watched the waves crash and birds chirping were symphonies. It was a place where being grateful came natural.... at least as a tourist. 


  1. Ok now, after reading this I seriously needed to be there, if for nothing else than to feed Mr Chippy or hug a blubber.

  2. 'blubber lovers' HAHAHA! We never headed south on our journey in San Fran we only went north. Maybe next time we'll go (2013) south and visit Monterrey! Looks lovely. xoxo


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