DIY colored bakers twine

Months ago I mentioned looking for the perfect place setting for when it was our turn to have supper club over. I wanted to incorporate colored baker's twine but was so unimpressed at the color options available that I almost put the whole idea to rest. But I couldn't put it to rest. I love the way it looks with gift tags, place settings, etc. etc. The uses for it are endless and provide such a simple yet adorable look. My only option was to make it myself. 

And, boy is it easy.

All you need:
  • twine {I purchased mine at the local garden shop but Walmart sells it too}
  • markers {Sharpies are a great option}
  • dowel rod {or any other round, thin object}

step one:
wrap twine around dowel rod {as you can see, I used a large paint brush}

step two:
starting from one end, draw a line to the other end
tip: color the line several times to get a richer color once it is pulled off the rod. You can play around by pulling a few lines off to check for desired color/look
step three:
continue around the entire rod leaving desired space in between
step four:
pull off dowel rod and put to great use!

photo provided by @malloryhrussell

We used ours for our place settings for supper club. I have some DELISH recipes to share with you from this night. We ended up going with a five course, semi-wine pairing meal. It was SO much fun for us. We had a blast all weekend with preparations, cooking and having our friends over!

p.s. those adorable napkins are from Hallmark {for realz}.


  1. Anonymous11.6.12

    So cute. And I'm so silly, I had pictured you writing on each piece of string without it wrapped on anything. You so smart!!! :)

    And once again, dinner was phenomenal!

  2. Loved everything! Fantastic Super Club night!!!!! =) xoxo A-

  3. Great Idea! I love bakers twine!


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