endings and new beginnings

Today was my last day at my old gig, which means tomorrow is the start of a new beginning! I am excited, nervous, sad, happy and all sorts of emotions. Pretty sure excitement is number one though--way up on the top of the list.

As I wrapped everything up today and said my goodbyes, things felt so strange. This is my first 'real' job transition. Don't get me wrong, I had about 10,000 jobs in college but leaving them and moving on wasn't much of anything {plus I liked to have as many jobs at one time as possible}. I just wasn't sure how to feel, what to say or what to expect, I guess. My mom actually referred to me a nomad yesterday when I told her I wasn't sad. I guess that's what happens when you go to four colleges, live in three towns and have 10,000 jobs in seven years. Moving on becomes normal.

But today moving on wasn't normal. It felt sad. My heart broke a little bit as I packed up my things, turned in my keys and said my real goodbyes. I felt human. It was sad but it felt good to miss it. It felt good to think of the things I've learned, the things God has taught me through my experiences. To realize it was just a piece of the puzzle.

 I won't miss my long commutes but I will miss talking to my mom every single day at 5 o'clock for an hour. I will miss my boss always answering things with 'that would be nice' when she wanted you to do something but wasn't going to tell you to do it. I will miss getting to play with crafts and little kid toys {I worked with early childhood education}. I will miss my coworkers and my little desk.

Tomorrow, however, is a brand new adventure. An adventure that I anticipate will be full. Full of new friendships, new experiences,  intensity, laughter, brain boggling predicaments. A new adventure that will stretch my brain and teach me a slew of new things. An adventure I can't wait to begin! AHH I am so excited!

Endings are bittersweet. But new beginnings are too exciting to miss.

Wish me luck ;)!


  1. Whats that quote? Endings are tough, beginnings are exciting, but its what in the middle that counts? Wow I probably totally butchered that, but you get the point. Good luck on your new adventure!

  2. good luck! change is good! :)

  3. Congratulations Celeste and good luck today on your first day at your new job! I know it's all bitter sweet, but like you said it's just a small piece of the puzzle! I'm so excited for you and am even more excited that you will be close enough to meet up for lunch!!! We can double date at lunch!?!?!? LOVE IT! Muah! xoxo

  4. So excited for your new adventure! Good luck! You will be great.



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