the big news

Have I made you wait long enough for my big news? Or, have you completely forgotten about it ;)?

So.. my big news is that I finally got a new job! WOO HOO! Some of you are thinking, so what? And, most of you had no idea I was even looking for a new job. And the rest of you, well you were there when I cried on your shoulder about needing a new job and celebrated with me after the big news... so you were in the know.

I needed to keep the entire process on the DL during the search. But I wanted to share it with you all now because having a job and looking for a job has completely consumed all of my time in the past few months. Hence, my absence here and on getting to know you all more through your wonderful blogs. Ugh.. how I've missed catching up on your day, learning something from you or just getting to know a little more about you. But alas, now that I've landed a new job... hopefully life will go back to having much needed free time.

Previously I worked about an hour away. I had made the commute every day for the past 2 years, plus some. It really started to break me after Mike and I got married. I started seeing the precious time I was losing with him. I made it worse too -- I would add up how much I was spending on gas, how much time I was losing by spending in it in my car, etc. etc. There were other things but the commute was the straw that broke the camel's back. I grew bitter, angry, frustrated, hopeless.

BUT.... that time is over. And now I am on my way to a new adventure. One that I anticipate will be exciting yet challenging; will open doors for new friendships; will surround me with lots of intelligent, hard working peeps. And not to rub it in, but they blow bubbles... have a ping pong table... and pop a cold one during the day. AH... I can't wait!

My sweet, sweet friends took me out Saturday to celebrate the exciting news. Mal, Anna and our hubbies ventured out to a somewhat new place in Raleigh called Babylon. The drinks were delicious, the atmosphere was fun and the food was edible but not the greatest. {Their veggie options were slim pickins} The night was so much fun and reminded me how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends and husband in my life -- but that's another blog post for another day! Yay for best friends and awesome husbands!


  1. congratulations!!! can't wait to hear all about it :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a blessing!

    I totally agree on the commute. I currently drive 40 minutes away every.single.day. for work. That is over 80 minutes a DAY driving that I could be sleeping in with the hubs, or getting dinner started at a normal hour. Gas bills add up quickly too! But I think the most frustrating part about working out of town is not being able to grab a quick lunch with friends or your husband.

    I am so happy for you and this new chapter! Have a wonderful first day. Your new job already sounds amazing!

  3. I'm so excited for you Celeste!!! You are going to do great! xoxo

  4. Congrats on the new job!! I totally know how good it feels to leave a job you hate for a great new one!! Enjoy!

  5. congratulations! having a long commute is soooo draining, and yes, even more depressing when you think about all the money you're paying for gas... yay for no more of that!

  6. Yay congrats on the new job! Awesome news!

  7. Anonymous3.5.12

    Still so very happy for you!! WOO!!

  8. YAY!! Congratulations!! Love your blog.

  9. I love best friends and husbands ... they're pretty sweet!! So proud of you and glad we got to celebrate. Can't wait to hear all about your travels!


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