we got the beet

Lately, Mike and I have been diggin' the beets. They are soooo good. I don't know how I went so long without them. I will admit, I've only had red ones though. I'd love to try the other colors but they don't sell them at the farmers market here {and I'm too cheap to buy them at the gro sto}. Do not.. I repeat.. do not eat canned beets. That is why I never cared for beets. Real beets have much more taste.

I love adding beets to a salad but they even taste great with eggs! They add a yummy taste and nice texture to whatever you're doing. We usually bake them over the weekend so we have them readily available during the week for salads or hashes.

Baking beets are easy peasy: wrap in tinfoil {you don't need to peal them first!}, plop in a hot oven {400 works} for 40min to an hour, pull out, cool, peal {the skin falls right off}. done.

 to make this salad: toss beets, oranges, sunflower seeds, celery, spinach, balsamic vin together
{goat cheese would prob be yummy here}
You can seriously toss these suckers with almost anything. I haven't had a bad experience yet.

or add it to your breakfast -- so yummy and you cook up the beet greens too! Here's the recipe.

New beet eaters beware...they do color your #1 and #2. Don't be frightened when you go to flush the toilet and its pink! 


  1. Looks really tasty!!! I may have to pick up some beets my next trip to the Farmer's Market!!

  2. I have only ever had the canned beets and think they are horrible!! I'll have to try them fresh!

  3. you might have just convinced me to give beets a try :)


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