happy hump day!

Yay for hump day! Only a few more days and then it's the weekend baby!! I have a little secret that I can't wait to share with you guys but I have to wait a little bit longer to leak it -- AND, no, I am not preggers {that's straight at you Lauren}.

In the meantime, here's a recap of last weekend: 
From left to right, top to bottom:
wine night with some of my small group girls -- some that came are missing from the photo {if I haven't mentioned this before. I LOVE THEM!} | maxi skirt that I made via Elle Apparel | my new flowers thanks to Anna | My lovely neighbor & friend Mallory | a goose waiting at Belks {weird but I felt bad for the guy| Cafe Caturra - Gewurztraminer {so yummy!}

Looking back at these pictures I am reminded at how incredibly blessed I am. I have an amazing husband who is selfless, caring, kind, silly, outgoing, sincere and the list goes on. I have a family that is always supportive of the decisions I make, loves me no matter what and talk to me every day as I commute home from work. I have an amazing group of friends. Ones that love me even though I talk in weird voices, talk about farts, smell funny and am often wrong. They challenge me, encourage me and always point me towards the truth.

I can't even begin to describe those relationships... they are pure. amazing. glorifying. If I ever doubt that God has a plan and that God will take care of me, I can easily look around and see those He has blessed me with.


  1. Great pictures love! I wish we lived closer, apparently 20min is too far? xoxo A-

  2. Love this post. Just lovely!

  3. I say "happy hump day" too.

    heh. heh.


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