sneak peek

Whew - this week was a whirlwind. I feel like I ran two marathons from the constant 'go, go, go.'

Wait.. wasn't I just talking about how I needed to slow things down? Oops.

Too bad -- this week was too much fun. Busy, but fun.
movies with el chicas
boys poker night
party prep
happy hours
good discussions
pizza nights
a few of our favorite things
All fun.. but I do feel like I am suffering from a hectic-week induced hangover.

Here's a sneak peek for the engagement party I am co-hosting tonight.

The suns out today--time to play before I have to decorate.

Happy weekend! If only every day was Saturday....


  1. Sometimes busy weeks are the best! Have so much fun tonight, I love Bridal parties :)

  2. It's gonna be fab! Meet you there! xxoo A


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