save my seat

Mike and I are in a supper club with some of our favorite {and incredibly hilarious} friends. Next month we will be hosting the affair at our house. I'm picturing place cards, menus, chef hats and oh yeah, delicious tidbits. We've decided to go with a fine{ish}-dining-wine-pairing-many-course-meal style. Mike loves to cook, and I love to craft so we are using this event as an opportunity to go all out. {Now we just have to stick to it.. and not back out and be lazy}

First step, place cards {DIY, of course}....

cute upgrade to the classic cork place card holder

Source: google.com via Celeste on Pinterest

I do love this. However, not sure I have the talent or patience to make this. Beautiful, nonetheless

Source: google.com via Celeste on Pinterest

sweet bird's nest. Better for a brunch or shower than a dinner, in my opinion

Source: google.com via Celeste on Pinterest

How do people think of these things? I love that it's fun. free. functional.

I adore this. What a great use for cake icing tips.

Place card doubles as charger - great idea. and, I loooove the menu.

If only I had gold flatware. Seriously thinking about it.

How cute it is!? Dollar store plastic animals spray painted white.

Possibly my favorite for our affair. However, would the guests actually eat it? {I'm hoping yes}

Which one is your favorite? How do you 'save your seat'?

On a side note, Mike and I found an awesome store today full of vintage-ish pieces, furniture and garden gear. Be on the lookout for some awesome pieces {none of which we took home.. boo hoo}. I'm feeling plenty of DIY projects ideas though!


  1. What a fun club to be apart of! Everything looks great, you'll be an awesome host!

  2. supper club? sounds so fun. I think they are all cute depending on what your serving!!

    1. Yeah - it's a group of couples that rotates houses for dinner - so much fun! Guess I better get to meal planning! Thanks for the note!

  3. I'm so glad I get to come to this!


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