Foodie Superbowl

Superbowl is nearing, and I have not yet chosen my weapon to bring {aka food}. Decisions. Decisions.
Our usual go-to is salsa but I'm slightly over making that after taking it to the last 638 parties {don't get me wrong.. it is absolutely delicious but something new is in order}.

We are going to our sweet, sweet friends' house, Jason and Anna. They have a pet dinosaur named Jagger. His food bowl is as big as a toilet bowl and his cage is the size of a small bedroom. He's big but has the sweetest little heart {and looooves Anna's shoes!}.

So back to the Superbowl, this is a time for chicks to chat it up and eat tons of delicious snacks {often followed by a "uh I ate too much. I feel fat"} and dudes to drink beer and cheer for a game that they have no tie to {because in most cases, their team didn't make it}. I like football but I'm not the most football savvy chick on this side of the beltline. Needless to say - I use this time to socialize and stuff my face.  Awesome food = happy belly.

My favs are buffalo-chicken dip {heaaaveenn}, homemade salsa and chicken wings. This is once a year where you get icky and nasty in front of a crowd and nobody cares {although I never really care that much but I at least do try to act ladylike in most situations}. With Pinterest in the picture, I garantee this year's Superbowl will bring out some AH-MAZE-ING apps. Which means, time to step up the game... I am on the prowl for something new, fun and tasty {goodbye delicious salsa that I love so much, hello I'm gonna make your knees weak and steal your heart  ______ }.

the search begins...
here are a few yummy looking, Superbowl appropriate, not-too-difficult apps:
{click on the name to be taken to the recipe}
a sweet twist to my oh-so-fave salsa

popcorn is my obsession.. I mean seriously, does life get any better than THIS?!
boy meets girl.
horseradish is my jam and with cheese - OH MY!

I love Veggies and Yoga has the yummiest recipes {and tons of them}.

Ok... I have to stop surfing. I am beyond starving now and it's not even 9am.

What's your fav superbowl snack? What app are you bringing to the party this weekend?


  1. I'm intrigued... I vote for the Guiness and cheddar cheese spread. It sounds football like. Beer & Cheese? Can't go wrong.

    xoxo <3

  2. I want the fruit and baked cinnamon chips!!!! haha, but I mean, not that that matters or anything. ;)

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  4. Aw thanks for the mention! :) Jagger missed you. He called and told me this morning that he was kinda mad he didn't get to play with you/knock you over. PS - I feel the need to sample ALL of the above delicious recipes when you make them. And I still want an herb garden hanging on my wall. ;) PPS - I had to go an re-do my comment because my icon looked like a compuater error message. HAH!


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