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We've gotten one week {out of three} out of the way. We've discovered a lot of new ingredients to cook with and different techniques for cooking/chopping. I'm having a harder time with cheating than Mike but luckily he's become my inspiration and motivator. He's got some SERIOUS willpower. We only cheated once when we went over for dinner at a friend's house {and BOY was it worth it... cuban pork, trese leches cake, black beans and rice, mmm!}

how about a few tips for a successful detox...
 choose snacks wisely
you will get hungry for something in between meals. make sure you have a variety of snacks that hit different cravings - salty, spicy, sweet, etc. find healthy recipes and make some snacks beforehand so that when the craving comes, you can just quickly grab something like you would a bag of potato chips or a jar of Nutella ;) here are 12 delicious, healthy snacks 

 think colorful 
yummy+ nutritious=color 
{think purple, orange, green, red, yellow}
if you're used to your plate looking the same meal after meal, mix it up. make it colorful!

think outside the box
..here's a fruit smoothie with mint in it.. foreign to me but very delicious..
 don't know what watercress is? neither did I. don't skip it - ask someone at your local grocery store where to find it. just because you don't know what it is - doesn't mean it is expensive or gross.

 focus on your food {we've all heard this a million times over}
eat the dinner table - no computer, tv or cell phone allowed
be sure to give your stomach time to process that it's getting food. 
i'm notorious for scarfing. aka i'm done before my stomach
even realizes it had started eating. bad habit. 
breathe, take sips of water, share your day with your loved one while you eat.

plan, plan, plan
not a planner? too bad. 
when it comes to eating better, you need to have some sort of plan... that doesn't mean it can't change but have an idea of what you are eating the next day so you know how to prepare/schedule. each night while we cook dinner, we are making our lunch and prepping for tomorrow, if needed. this could also mean, just chopping up some veggies and fruits at the beginning of the week. this way if you are in a crunch for time, you can make a healthy, FILLING salad in 5 minutes flat.

drink lots of water. 
if you are feeling hungry - drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes.
still hungry? grab a snack

if you are hungry, eat. have a snack or eat your lunch already!
 try to eat every 3-5 hours. 

bon appetit!

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