fancy pot

For my indoor herb garden, I wanted to spice up the pots a bit. I chose to go with the chalkboard look so that I could identify the plant and change it up, if needed. here's the how-to:

1. Buy your pots and plants
I purchased these at Home Depot for $1 and some change each.
We purchased our herbs from Logans {a local nursery}.

2. Grab your spray paint of choice and make a work area 
I used a box to protect the ground and our driveway.

3. Place pots top down and spray according to directions. 
Let it dry and re-coat several times. 
 I left the lip {see next photo} the reg color. I liked the hint of color. 

4. Pot your plants after the paint has dried 
give them a little  h2o

5. Name 'em. 
I recommend purchasing the chalkboard pens {which I have not done yet}. It doesn't rub off and makes a nice thick line. You can purchase them at Michaels or other craft stores. I think it's around $10 for a pack. 

Now you've got cute pots and won't forget what's what. 
Happy planting!


  1. very crafty!! :)

  2. This makes it feel much more doable!


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