bottoms up!

Today is the last day of super strict detoxing. Three-ish weeks is over and done with!
We decided to stop at lunchtime today so that we could celebrate over the weekend. Duh - you can't achieve something and not properly celebrate with a glass of bubbly and delicious treats!
So, tonight is the night!
Bottoms up {or perhaps, plates up is more appropriate}

The plan is to start with a dinner out {and a drink or two or three}
followed by a movie {which inevitably includes the most obscene size of popcorn available}
and end with the biggest, chocolate-e-ess dessert we can find.
{bring on the toxins, grease and sugar!}

that's the plan. i've been warned we may wind up overdosed and passed out after the first course.

Oh, and don't forget we've got the entire weekend to celebrate.
Saturday calls for bringing out the big-daddy coffee press and crepes filled with all treats imaginable. I haven't thought past that course.. I'm sure at that point, I'll be craving a big heap of veggies.
here's to starting the night with
one of my fav cocktails: the fargarita
combine in shaker:
one shot of  1800 tequila 100% agave
juice of one lime
Diet Sierra Mist (or you can do soda water)
.shake what yo momma gave ya.
.pour over ice.
.drink with style.
 {I should prob come up with a better name for a fake margarita, huh? suggestions?}
Despite my excitement to break all the rules from the past three weeks,
we do plan on sticking with what we've learned and eating 'clean' the majority of the time
{i.e., healthier portions; better snacks; less added sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine; and more variety}.  
I think we will do just fine {as long as we can control that sweet tooth}.

p.s. i swear our life does not completely revolve around food. we do have other hobbies aside from eating.

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